Regular vacuuming and care of your new carpet will help to extend its life and appearance.

     To maintain your carpeting, you will need to vacuum your heavy traffic area at least twice a week. Vacuum other light traffic areas weekly.

     Use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or brush and with a strong enough air flow to penetrate to the carpet backing.  For some carpets, such as berbers, friezes and other longer piles 'suction only' should be used as they may be sensitive to the brush rotating.  Some vacuums have a suction only setting.  On others the beater bar or brush can be disengaged.

     Spills should be cleaned immediately. 

     Keep the outdoors out by using mats inside and outside the doors to your home. Outdoor mats should be tough for removing larger particles of ice, salt and mud. For inside a softer mat will help to catch liquids and remaining debris (use non slip rugs when on slippery floors).

     Your carpet will need heavy-duty cleaning from time to time.

     Professional cleaning is required to maintain your carpet warranty.  Hot water extraction is usually recommended. Please see your warranty information for the correct cleaning method for your floor. A professional carpet cleaning service should be used at least every 18-24 months to refresh the texture and rejuvenate the fibers in your carpet. You should retain your receipts for proof of maintenance service should a warranty claim arise.